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by on March 6th, 2011

The Starting Lineup – Gore Verbinski (Director) Rango (Johnny Depp) Beans (Isla Fisher) Priscilla (Abigail Breslin) Mayor (Ned Beatty) Rattlesnake Jake (Bill Nighy) Spirt of the West (Timothy Olyphant)

Gary’s Thoughts –  This movie looks like certain hit for Nickelodeon but it may actually go down as a movie for the older crowd with so much dark undertones. The movie starts off with a chameleon who is talking to himself and creating fake friends until he is thrown from a car traveling down the road which ends up starting his journey after talking to a road kill armadillo. The movie has a lot of play on words as well as jokes that won’t be caught by children but parents will get a chuckle out of while also thinking do I want my kid to hear that. This movie is on par with Legends of Guardians with the amount of action involved with Bats, gatling guns and death. Rango does throw out some references to other movies such as Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Man With No Name western trilogy, and even The Wizard of Oz.

The Game Plan – When a Chameleon is thrown into a new environment and out of his element he decides he can create a new persona which builds only on himself. When a town is counting on him to save them from a drought is when we find out what Rango (Depp) is made of.

Touchdowns – 80 yard touchdown for the animation in this film. The movie at times looks like a real desert with the detail to the cactus and sand as well as the grunginess of the characters and buildings of the town. The breakthrough animation and probably one of the best cameo’s in the film is by Rango’s interpretation of the Spirt of the West which pays homage to Clint Eastwood with the look and the phrase that Rango uses by saying they call you “the man with no name”. The animation of the character was amazing and looked so life-like with good voice acting from Timothy Olyphant.

Penalties – The only penalty I saw was offsides by the Rating of the movie because it is rated PG but this movie has a very scary and menacing villain, as well as guns characters smoking and drinking and death which some adults wouldn’t expect to see in a PG nickelodeon movie.

The Game Winner – The whole movie is a winner but the animation by far is what makes the movie so good, from the life like desert to the exact replica of Las Vegas. The detail put into all the different characters which is like 100 is crazy because they show the littlest movements of the feathers, and clothes, and eyes of each character which just builds the movie into such a great product.

Game Summary – All in all Rango has a chance to be one of the best animated movies of 2011. I know its early but the animation is that good. This movie does have some dark undertones as well as things that some parents may not want their children seeing such as smoking and drinking and death. Rango will be enjoyed by all audiences but the adults will understand the jokes more often then the children will, but it still makes for a very enjoyable movie with a lot going on. Also it has  a very menacing evil character that may go down as one of the most memorable evil characters in recent times.

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One Response to “Rango”

  1. mike says:

    Good movie for the kids, but too long of a drawn out movie. Almost fell asleep.

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