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by on April 22nd, 2011

The Players: Saoirse Ronan, Eric Bana, Kate Blanchett, Jessica Barden, Olivia Williams, and Jason Flemyng.

The Game Plan: A teenager named Hanna (Saoirse Ronan) has lived with her father Erik (Eric Bana), in an isolated forest in Finland for as long as she can remember. Through rigorous daily training Hanna has been turned into the ultimate weapon by her father, an ex CIA agent.  Hanna’s mission is to kill a ruthless intelligence officer who is after her and her father Erik, but she doesn’t know why.   As Hanna makes her way across Europe to complete her mission and reunite with her father, she soon discovers that even with her unique talents she was not prepared for life in the outside world, or the truth about her existence.

Dante’s Thoughts: If you just finished reading The Game Plan section then you’re probably thinking, “this movie has a pretty intriguing plot,” but that’s only if you enjoy assassin action adventure mysteries.  My problem with this film was a serious lack of action.  The best example of this is in the middle of the movie when Hanna is making her way through Europe in an attempt to rendezvous with her father.  Naturally you’d expect a kid that’s never been outside of the forest to be somewhat astonished with the modern world, especially when she finally comes across things like electricity, and a hippy family she becomes very fond of, but where’s the action…

Even when a small team, that looks totally unqualified to eliminate Hanna, begins tracking her, there is no action.  Seriously, when you see these guys you may find yourself muttering, these can’t be the most capable people to do the job? Again, there isn’t enough action to keep the audience’s attention, the plot gets somewhat drawn out, and in the end this movie fails to deliver.

Touchdowns: When there was action it was great!  It’s good to see a film with good fight choreography that doesn’t get jumbled up with unnecessary special effects.  In this movie the action sequences aren’t sped up, and there are no wires to make the characters fly through the air effortlessly.  It’s just perfectly timed and well shot action sequences that give Hanna a realistic, and enjoyable feel.

Penalty: You were probably expecting this, but Hanna loses field position, on a flag, due to the lack of action.  The trailer for this movie sold you on the promise of action, but in the end they forgot to put enough of it in the final cut.  Hanna also looses yardage due to the painfully drawn out second act of the movie, you know there’s more to the story than just a little girl being sent to kill someone, but no one thought to add any intensity or excitement to the plot.

End of Game Summary: Hanna definitely has enough high points, to satisfy the average moviegoer, but for me this film was just lacking in luster.

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