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Dante Rosario

Dante Rosario | Movie Game PlanMy name is Dante Rosario, co-founder of MovieGamePlan.com. From the time I was a young kid, I’ve always had a strong fascination of movies. From a young age I mastered the skill of watching the same movies numerous amounts of times to the point that I was able to recite them line for line.  As I’ve grown older movies still remain my favorite pastime. While I have a strong appreciation for newer original movies, I am still just as entertained by the older films that I grew up with.  My appreciation of film has expanded beyond the mere entertainment value and to my surprise.  I’ve learned to enjoy many different genres of film. In this context, I’ve found that I have both the passion and ability to not just watch movies, but to objectively critique and review them.

Dante Rosario - Movie Game Plan

Dante's ultimate movie collection.

Throughout my years of experience as a movie “connoisseur,” there have been few people that have struck me as a true ‘movie buff.’ When I met my teammate Gary Barnidge I realized that I may have met my match because like me, he also had a sincere passion for film.  Together we’ve decided to it would be a fun idea to channel our passions into the creation of a movie review website.  Our goal for the website is to create an outlet where we share our opinions through blogs and video and where others can offer their input about different films as well. Our game plan is make MovieGamePlan.com a fun and interactive movie review site where movie lovers can offer their feedback and opinions about all genres of movies- past, present, and future.

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