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About Gary

About Movie Game Plan

The website is something that I came up with to give people a different way of looking at movies. The name of the site is Movie Game Plan (MGP) because I want you to have a plan in what you want to see and what movies to avoid so you don’t pay for one of those movies that aren’t worth your money.

I encourage you to follow me on Twitter, as I will be giving movie tickets away in the Cleveland area each week.

Thank you very much and enjoy!

Gary Barnidge
Cleveland Browns, Tight End
Twitter: @GaryBarnidge


About Gary

Everyone loves movies. When I was younger I didn’t watch a lotof movies, but the first time I watched the Goonies at the age of 10 I was instantly hooked on movies. Ever since that moment I have always watched movies and it became something I tried to do once or twice aGB week. Over time movies developed into more then just something I like to watch. I started watching more and more movies older and newer movies such as Cool Hand Luke, Casablanca, The Original Frankenstein, and all kinds of movies. The more I watched movies the more I started critiquing movies and giving my own opinions. I started to watch the Siskel and Ebert reviews and read other people’s reviews and I would think to myself how great of a job would that be, and how I would like to do that. I wanted to turn my passion for movies into something more then just watching, so I decided to start a website where I can share my knowledge of movies as well as giving my personal takes on all the films I watch. I try to bring my own form of entertainment to my reviews, while also bringing in guest reviewers from my team every so often to give some more unique views to the films. In closing every week during the season I will be doing a trivia question giveaway to join me at the movies in which I may be adding your own reviews to the site as well.

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